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Outcomes from the Durban Climate Talks

by helen on December 14, 2011

Thank you to everyone who acted and prayed as part of Hope for Creation ahead of this year’s climate talks in Durban, South Africa.

The talks ended with an agreement amongst all countries called the ‘Durban Platform’. This brought some minor progress towards the global action needed but not enough. Much more needs to happen to agree the ambitious action required to protect poor countries that are hit hardest.

Here’s a round-up of what was agreed.

For more detail, please download Tearfund’s policy summary.

Emissions cuts
The climate talks ended (eventually) with the ‘Durban Platform’ – an agreement amongst all countries to agree a plan on global emissions reductions by 2015 at the latest, with legally binding targets for all countries to kick in by 2020.

To keep things going in the meantime, a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (the existing agreement between rich nations) has been agreed by some developed countries.

This agreement could result in average global temperature rises of 3-4˚C through only requiring global emissions cuts targets to take effect by 2020. This potential temperature rise is deeply worrying because it could result in:

- another billion people with increased water stress;
- decreased crop productivity for all rather than some cereals in low latitudes;
- up to 5 times more people becoming at risk of coastal flooding;
- the burden on health services being much more substantial;
- and 20-30% of plant and animal species being at increased risk of extinction (impacting people as humans rely on ecosystems).

Adaptation should be a priority because even if greenhouse gas emissions are halted today across the world, the cumulative effect of emissions to date would still be experienced for the next three decades. There was not a sufficient sense of urgency on adaptation during the climate talks. Despite hopes that adaptation would feature more strongly as the talks were in Africa, negotiations in this area were sadly slow.

Across all richer nations there were clear commitments on how to deliver the previously promised climate finance. Developing countries felt vulnerable and distrustful of past promises on emissions and finance from rich countries.

A work plan was also set up in Durban, ‘to progress’ work on finance and produce a report by the next talks in Qatar in December 2012. This is a small step forward, but ‘progress’ is un-ambitious and an actual decision is needed.

What happens next?
Please continue to pray for more ambition from leaders so the door to keeping global warming below the danger-threshold remains open. Pray also for agreement soon on ways to deliver finance to help poor countries – who are hit hardest – respond.


Stories from Colombia, UK and Portugal

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UK Press Release

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50 countries

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Have you signed onto our Statement to Political Leaders?

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Christian leaders from across the world have already signed onto our Statement to Political Leaders on our Hope for Creation. Will you join them? Hope for Creation takes place just weeks before a critical climate change negotiations start in Durban, South Africa. To ensure our voices are heard in Durban, a small group involved in the day […]

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New Nepali resources

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We have uploaded a great PowerPoint presentation on climate change in Nepali, describing the impacts of climate change in Nepal and a biblical response to it.  You can use it to give information in your church, friends, family etc. You can download the powerpoint here. And also, we have uploaded a petition form in Nepali. […]

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Prayer resource

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New Prayer Film for Hope for Creation

October 24, 2011

The team behind Hope For Creation in Australia have put together a short film which includes a selection of images set to music to help you pray and reflect on the impact of climate change is having on communities around the world.

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Prayer for Tuvalu

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Hoop voor de Schepping (Netherlands)

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Hope for Creation heet in Nederland Hoop voor de Schepping. Op zaterdag 5 november doen hulporganisatie Tear en  natuurorganisatie A Rocha mee aan de Landelijke Natuurwerkdag. Het plan is om met veel kerken en andere christelijke groepen of organisaties een dag aan het werk te gaan in de natuur. Poelen opschonen, fruitbomen snoeien of wilgen […]

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सृष्टिको लागि आशा – Get involved in Hope for Creation in Nepal

October 13, 2011

Click here for more about how you can get involved in Hope for Creation in Nepal.

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Statement to Political Leaders on our Hope for Creation

October 12, 2011

Hope for Creation takes place just weeks before a critical climate change negotiations start in Durban, South Africa. To ensure our voices are heard in Durban, a small group involved in the day have produced a Statement to Political Leaders on our Hope for Creation. The statement is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and calls on world leaders to world leaders […]

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Why A Rocha is getting involved

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Sarah Young from A Rocha, the Christian conservation charity, explains why they’re getting involved in Hope for Creation. At A Rocha, we believe that God made the world, loves it and has called us to look after it. That’s why we think it’s essential to address climate change through both prayer and action, as part […]

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