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There are many different ways you can join in with Hope for Creation but here are some ideas to get you started:

The Hope for Creation prayer resource – with prayers, ideas, and everything you need to get involved. Download it here. We’ve also written a longer responsive prayer to use in church services.

Children’s prayer: A prayer to use in a family or children’s service.

Keep it simple:

  • PRAY: incorporate climate change into prayers and intercessions during a church service. Or pray at home or gather with friends to pray in a small group.
  • ACT: Join us to urge world leaders to take ambitious and fair action to tackle climate change and provide the finance needed to help poor people adapt and develop sustainably. Sign up to receive the action.

A bit more: devote a section of the church service to the issue of climate change, including prayer and time to reflect on the issue. Links to resources to help you do this will be coming soon!

New! Words and ideas to help you introduce Hope for Creation to your church or group to tell people about Hope for Creation.

Space for creativity: theme a service on climate change, tell your local media what you’re doing, invite local government representatives to join in. Let us know your plans so we can share them on the website.

Film: Tear Australia have produced a short film that you could use to reflect upon the impacts of climate change.

24/7: organise a prayer room for the day, or even the week leading up to the day.

Dried up, drowned out: a short film from the UK to introduce climate change. Please download it to show in your church –

Climate change pages from partner organisations: